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About Us
As of 2015, we set off on a trip at the level of developing architecture and building materials with opening Dahdouh Factory to produce artificial cladding stone in Riyadh, which is the first plant in Saudi Arabia.
It emulates the most important industrial companies around the world because it combines quality and beauty simulating the eastern good taste. Through the integration of science with art, we developed an industry we are proud it is completely local at the hands of an elite group of experts and artists. With consulting a crew of engineers and manufacturers, we managed to invent a product with standard specifications at competitive prices to outperform all competitions and to make the difference by transforming the cold and silent walls into paintings, expressive with its formations and speaking with its colors.
Every stone carries a memory and our stones carry a profound legacy that was the basis of a great civilization, which inspired us the bright vision that we the people have the ability and all ingredients that will make us at the forefront. We do not lack creativity or experience, and we have the best raw material for the manufacture of a stone that fits our needs and tastes and deservedly outperforms global products, so we watch proudly the Saudi Arabian product is challenging the rest of products around the world.
With more energy and enthusiasm, we go ahead to achieve our goals armed with determination and will to apply the highest standards of quality and maintain the charters of professional work, committed to development and providing added value beyond customer expectations.
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